Skin Cancer Awareness

Client: Personal / Richard Lyons Photography
Location: Australia  
Year: 2020

I have been working with Richard Lyons Photography for many years, and recently we got to collaborate on a project in a whole new way. Rich grew up on the beach, surfing and enjoying the Australian sun. On Thursday, he underwent his 35th surgery to remove three more skin cancers - the result of years of sun exposure with minimal suncare. This time, I joined Rich in the operating theatre with my camera to capture the process of having these cancers removed. We were warmly welcomed by Doctor Walter Flapper and his team, who went expertly about his business while talking us through the procedure. 
I have photographed surgeries and medical procedures in the past and enjoy the process. I consider myself skilled in the art of photography, and it is always a pleasure working with experts in other fields. Watching Dr Flapper work effortlessly cleaning, cutting, removing, and sewing was fascinating.
Rich, just under local anesthetic, went through the surgery well, awake, talking, and joking. Hopefully, he has no more surgeries any time soon!
We are planning to present this body of work in a way that will help bring more awareness about suncare and how the decisions we make as children affect us later in life.

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