Photography & Visual Storytelling
Through visual storytelling, we create images that truly impact people, images that tell a compelling story. Our hope is for you to empathise with the subjects of our stories, with their joy, their beauty, their struggles, and their needs and feel a connection with them whether they be next door or half a world away. We want you to see something of yourself through our stories, to feel empathy and to be motivated to action.
It’s been shown that people who hear information are only likely to remember 10% of that info 3 days later — compared to remembering 65% of the info 3 days later when shown with a relevant image. Introduce the world to your business with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, projects, stakeholders, locations and events.

Stills & Motion
In the visual world we live and work in, we understand that clients often need more than just still photographs. Working alongside Pappy Orion Media, we combine photography with video in a way that not only beautifully tells your stories, but also makes sure your stories are seen.
Having a specialist for your Photography & your Video needs ensures that the stories you tell are of the highest quality and the content you receive is perfectly prepared and ready to present to your clients, customers, donors, and community.
Story Telling
As humans we gravitate towards an absorbing tale, more then mere words on a page, or images on a wall, but to a story that connects us and inspires us towards a meaningful response. Every cause has a story that needs to be told, some are obvious and others are still to be discovered. From the beginning of a project we spend time to discover and asses the unique stories of your organization, and work with you on a strategy to bring those stories alive, while remaining true to your brand, values and vision.
Advertising & Marketing
What makes your organization stand out among the daily bombardment of information, needs, and opportunities?  Quality, brand specific imagery showing the uniqueness of your organization and focused on your target market will inspire and motivate your audience to make a meaningful response. To increase empathy and understanding of your cause, people need to see not only the what, but also the why and who behind your organization. I will work with you to provide the imagery for strategic and cohesive marketing campaigns that show your organization the way you want people to see it.
Real People
From an old herdsman in a shepherds tent high in the Caucasus Mountains to a young Finnish fashion designer in Scandinavia – I understand that your story is unique and will collaborate with you to tailor images to fit your concept and vision. My experience and friendly, outgoing nature allows me to build genuine relationships with the people around me, making your images an authentic representation of the real people and real places that epitomize your cause.

Lets Talk...
I would love to hear from you! Please contact me so I can create a personalised visual communication package that suits your organization's needs. I am happy to create a quote for you which is informed by the story you have to tell, your audience, and your current communication strategy.
Your story is important, allow me to provide the highest quality photography and video production to perfectly fit your social media, online, print and/or promotional strategies. ​​​​​​​
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