Extending Hope

Client: Extending Hope
Location: Malawi
Year: 2016
Malawi is called the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ by the local population. The people exuding friendliness, the majestic lake with beautiful beaches, scenic countryside covered with small farms, large plantations of tea, coffee and tobacco and the strikingly beautiful landscapes do little to refute this title. However, underneath the initial beauty and wonder of this place, lies ongoing social struggles. Poverty, frequent drought, poor and unattainable healthcare, damaging, unsustainable agricultural techniques and poor education leaves the country on a path towards unfulfilled potential. 
I had the privilege to work with the organisation ‘Extending Hope’, who works to promote sustainable development and bring new hope to those in hopeless situations. 
"Extending Hope, is a non-governmental and interdenominational development organization. Our focus is Africa while we are currently working in Malawi. We are working with local and international experts in the area of Education, Health care, Agriculture, and Economics."
I was tasked with capturing images of the programs run by Extending Hope. A new health clinic in one village, which provides healthcare and advice to the region, working with the understanding that ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’.
I watched through my camera as farmers were shown sustainable agricultural methods, learning techniques that will help to minimize the effect of droughts that all to often cripple a farming industry that accounts for over 75% of Malawian food consumption and 90% of the country’s exports. I met with pastors who are working to address a strong lack of discipleship and a disconnect between church on Sunday and the rest of the week in a country predominantly professing Christianity. These images that help tell the stories of Extending Hope, will be able to bring greater awareness to both the needs and the work being done, help to raise funds for future projects and gain the prayers and support of people like you, all over the world.

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