Medair - Ukraine / Poland

Client: Medair
Location: Ukraine / Poland
Year: 2023​​​​

For more than 30 years, Medair has been responding to urgent health crises worldwide. We intervened in more than 45 countries. We save lives and relieve human suffering in the world’s most difficult-to-reach and devastated places, with hope for a better future.
Every single day, families in Ukraine are in fear for their lives and their futures.  Millions have fled their homes, and some are trying to rebuild their lives after conflict and experiencing trauma. Of the nearly 14 million displaced, 90 per cent are women and children.
I was commissioned to travel to Poland and Ukraine to photograph and tell the stories of the fantastic work, projects and staff working in this challenging situation. What a wonderful opportunity!
Tell your story, make it unforgettable.

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